Defensive Driver Training
…Is for anyone that drives as part of their job…you might be a sales rep, a regional manager, an engineer or a courier, in fact anyone who is out on the road during their working hours. 

Benefits for Employers
Managers of large fleets know driver training is cost effective. 

Defensive driving will reduce your operating costs…by being smoother (not slower!):

  • fuel consumption typically improves by 15%
  • tyres, brakes and clutch all last significantly longer

If a vehicle or employee is off the road it costs the employer money - keep employees productive by driver training and your company car insurance premium may reduce as well. 

Employers have a Health and Safety ‘duty of care’ to ensure their staff are legal and safe when driving - this applies to company car drivers and people using their own car for work. 

Keeping your employees safe while driving is an important consideration and it’s a fact around a third of all car accidents in the UK involve people driving for work.

Driver training is enjoyable for all if done properly - and shows you treat your staff welfare and responsibilities seriously. 

Benefits for Drivers
Many people get stressed while driving…the pressure to get to the next appointment means driving can become a chore and resulting in you arriving in the wrong frame of mind to meet your customer or work colleague.  Does this sound familar?

A short Defensive Driver course will be enjoyable and you will learn important skills and tips to be a safer, more professional and in short, better driver. 

For many ‘white collar’ employees, driving is the most dangerous thing they do.  Defensive driving training will give you the skills to keep safe and help you plan journeys and arrive on-time and ready for that meeting.