Martin Evans has been a qualified Advanced Driver since 2001: "I always took pride in my driving but like many people, I knew I could be better and the initial IAM course raised my awareness and skill".

Martin undertook further training to become an IAM 'Observer'  and since 2002 has been preparing drivers for the IAM's Advanced Driving Test.  After further training in 2007 he become an IAM Senior Observer, which responsibilities include the training other Observers and cross-checking drivers before their Advanced test.

"Most people are reasonable drivers...but everyone can be better and often a few hours spent with a professional advanced driving instructor can make a huge difference to skill, progress and confidence'.

Martin has a passion for driving and road safety...he is a trustee and active commitee member for the charity: Bristol Advanced Motorists (affiliated to the IAM) which prepares people for the Advanced Test.

"I believe in putting people at their ease and encouraging self-criticism when driving .  Being ever-willing to learn is an important mind-set for any driver - and that includes me".

Qualifying as a Driving Standards Agency: Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) allows me now to offer professional training to private individuals and fleet drivers.